New bean sprouts packaging for Evers Specials

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Evers Specials
Product design
Oct - Dec 2016

Nathan Baak
Rutger Aarden
Adjay Moenesar
Bjorn Smit
Jeroen Stoffers
Sjors Zuidema


Dr. Ir. Roland ten Klooster, University of Twente


The biggest bean sprouts plantation of Europe, Evers Specials, asked NNTS to design a new packaging method in the production of bean sprouts. Evers Specials has a completely automated production line, which makes it a challenge to fit the new packaging into the current production and packaging process.

Due to the high number of packages the cost of the packaging needs to be taken into account, as a marginal increase in base price means a significant increase in costs.

Because of these challenges, the design will be focused on a simple but effective new packaging for bean sprouts.

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