Quality assurance

Guaranteed quality

Quality is of the utmost importance to us and therefore we do everything to ensure that our services meet your standards. To achieve this goal we use a management program for our planning and tasks, deploy multiple quality checks and seek collaboration with the right partners for each project. We also work on an entirely transparent basis, which allows insight in our progress at any time.


Asana is an online project management tool that is used worldwide by renowned companies like the BBC, Intel and Samsung. Because Asana works with personal tasks and deadlines, students can work according to their own schedules while operating in a team. Progress and quality of work is always monitored by the project managers.

Asana allows communication with your team and can be used to comment and discuss tasks. This way there is a short line of communication between the project members and the project manager. Asana makes our workplace portable and accessible, which is exactly what is needed for our flexible working manner.

Check - check - double check

Nobody knows all, which is why we use multidisciplinary teams of students: together you can do more. Tasks are always subject to internal checks to ensure the accuracy of our results.

We also ask employees that are not directly involved in the projects to check the work. This will avoid tunnel vision and give new insights to the project. For these tasks, Asana is used to assign control tasks along with regular tasks.


In the spirit of "together you know more" NNTS is collaborating with the University of Twente and other partners for high quality results. NNTS will find the right experts to discuss the contents of the project if desired or necessary.

Because of our network of academic expertise we can guarantee the quality of results for each project, as the collaboration between our students and partners will result in a combination of knowledge and commitment.