Prototype development of a smart wristband

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Prototype design
June - July 2016

Martin Volgers
Thijs van Ede
Gerwin Huurnink
Arnold Hofstede


The use of prescription drugs keeps rising both among youngsters and elderly. For both groups it is important to take their medication on time. There are different ways to remind people of this, but the technology is too complex for the elderly and too fragile for children. A dedicated device with a specific function can offer the solution.

The start-up Tubanti has the idea to make it easier to remember certain actions with a (wrist)band. NNTS designed the first prototype of the wristband and developed the hardware and software. Different target audiences were taken into consideration, determining specific functions and appearance. In the end, a prototype design of the wristband was delivered along with a hardware schematic made in Eagle and validated software developed with model-based programming.

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