Prototype development

Prototype development

If you want to go from a great idea to a working prototype, you have come to the right people. We will work out the feature and design to your wishes, and we are capable of fabricating prototypes ourselves. NNTS will elaborate the proper test setup and conditions for testing your prototype under the right circumstances. Once the prototype has proven to be successful, NNTS can aid in the phase of commercialisation.


Depending on your wishes we draft a list of demands, after which our students will elaborate multiple conceptual designs. Based on your remarks, a number of designs will be elaborated in SolidWorks, with which your products will truly come to live. We can simulate movement, among other things, to check whether the design satisfies the demands drafted earlier.

The elaborated design will result in fully developed prototypes and their technical drawings, which we always deliver to the client.


To make your prototype tangible, NNTS has the resources to manufacture internally. This ensures the quality and proper development of the prototype. Because we fabricate ourselves, adaptions to the design are easily incorporated when necessary. For more complex tooling such as multi-axis milling, our partners make sure you get the best results possible. 

NNTS has the following internal tooling possibilities:

  • Lathing
  • Milling
  • Sawing
  • Folding
  • Bending
  • TIG welding lvl. 2


Validation of your prototypes is also possible with NNTS, as we construct and operate a proper test setup. We state the boundary conditions and simulate as close to these conditions as possible. Primary theoretical simulation is possible if necessary.

With our experience in the field of measurement and control technology, we are capable of monitoring and processing the parameters to your needs. You will find yourself a perfectly organised validation report, substantiating the successful design of your prototype.


It is a long way from prototype to commercially viable product. Appearance, ease of use and production methods all need to be taken into account when making the final design of your product.

If you want an environmentally sustainable design, we can analyse and reduce the use of resources, emissions and waste. This way you can develop a product that is truly ready for the future!