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No Nonsense Technical Solutions

No Nonsense Technical Solutions (NNTS) makes knowledge and innovation accessible and affordable for companies that are looking for simple and practical solutions for their ideas.

Since 2015, NNTS has successfully formed the link between the knowledge and expertise from the academic world and the business community by using multidisciplinary teams of students for various issues. NNTS takes full project responsibility and ensures that the result meets its core values: quality, reliability and no-nonsense. With over 70 ambitious students from different fields of study, it is possible to put together a multidisciplinary team for each project. In this way, NNTS helps companies realize their ideas in a unique way and at an attractive price.

Our specialties

Research & Consultancy

About to make an important decision, but you lack the right information? Or about to start a big investment and there are still some uncertainties that need to be clarified? NNTS will organise your information, analyse your processes and give well-considered advice about the required steps to take. This can be done by for example developing a business case or by performing a feasibility study. Theoretical and experimental research are also among the possibilities.


NNTS can assist in doing engineering projects by selecting the right students for the engineering process. We specifically mix purely academic students with students who have a more practical background, such that we can handle the entire design process from raw sketch to production process and from small-scale structural mechanics to high-tech electronics, ensuring a professional result.

Prototype Design

If you want to go from a great idea to a working prototype, you have come to the right people. We will work out the feature and design to your wishes, and we are capable of fabricating prototypes ourselves. NNTS will elaborate the proper test setup and conditions for testing your prototype under the right circumstances. Once the prototype has proven to be successful, NNTS can aid in the phase of commercialization.


Do you have a technical challenge and are you looking for a solution? Do not look any further, because we have the right students for amazing outcomes. Aiming at professional results, these students work for NNTS on a professional level where the solutions are solely focused on our clients rather than academic purposes. High-quality results, practical solutions and proper communication are therefore of the utmost importance to us!


Bridging the gap between the academic world and businesses

– Jurre Kuijper, CEO

Our customers


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04Sep 19

Vacancy Dashboard Developer

Do you enjoy developing dashboard and are you experienced in working on software applications? Then you are a great match with the position of dashboard developer at NNTS! For this…

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