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In June 2015 a company was founded where academic students are able to work on challenging projects in their own fields of expertise. At competitive rates, companies submit down their technical challenges, while getting in touch with potential future employees. Founder Jurre Kuijper wants to distinguish himself with an emphasis on sustainable development, clear communication and above all, useful and practical solutions. This led to the company name: No Nonsense Technical Solutions. By working with students from different fields of interest, NNTS is able to assemble a suitable team for every project. To guarantee the quality of each project, professors from the university can be addressed to ensure proper knowledge is available. For academic students, NNTS is the ideal opportunity to make use of their acquired knowledge, find solutions and get inspired.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between businesses, academic students and universities, by having multidisciplinary teams of students work for businesses. Our vision is to create an organisation where companies can get fast and effective access to academic knowledge for useful and practical results.

Members organisation

Jurre Kuijper


Janine Bors

Hoofd Financiën

Bram de Rouw


Jim Kienhuis


Lieke Schulten

Hoofd HR

Marije Pott


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