Segmentation of 3D printed studded roll

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Boers Techniek B.V.
Sept - Oct 2016

Niels Bergsma
Niels Bergsma



Boers Techniek has been commissioned to produce a machine that can test artificial turf for FIFA. The machine has a number of functions, including simulating the studded soles used by football players. This simulation is done with a studded roll that exerts a force of 95 kilogram and is rolled over the turf.

NNTS was asked to prepare the roll, that has been designed for this purpose, for production. The studded roll is produced with a specialised 3D printing technique called SLS. For this technique to work, it is necessary to segment the roll in the correct way without intersection in the studs. NNTS performed this segmentation, prepared the roll for production and worked together with a suitable producer to supply a satisfying result for Boers Techniek.

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