Research geothermal energy

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Municipality of Enschede - Urban Development
Research and consultancy
March - August 2017

Nathan Baak
Anne Hofman
Kay Hermann
Richard Roos
Simone ten Have
Thomas Thuijsman
Wilco Mensink


Dr. Maarten Arentsen, Energy Innovation,
University of Twente
Em. Prof. Dr. Ir. Theo van der Meer,
Thermal Engineering, University of Twente

Due to increasing objectives of reducing CO2 emission and gas consumption, municipalities are looking for possible sustainable energy sources. The municipality of Enschede is also exploring its options.

The municipality of Enschede wants to investigate the use of geothermal energy as its durability is beyond dispute. Before starting costly drilling activities and the technical elaboration, NNTS will start with a feasibility study that includes the technical and financial aspects.

The goal is to deliver a consultancy report that is based on the potentials of geothermic heat and the possible consumption profile. Technical aspects, financial effects and possible risks of deep geothermal energy in Enschede are taken into account and will be discussed in different scenarios.

"In 2017, NNTS conducted an investigation into the (financial) feasibility of geothermal energy in Enschede, commissioned by the municipality of Enschede. In this research we have gained good experience with NNTS. Project leader was Nathan Baak, and where necessary supported by Jurre Kuiper.
Driven young people, with a sharp insight into the problem, and able to acquire knowledge from the right people and organizations. Able to include both the officials involved and the directors and councilors involved - who are no experts in this area - in this matter. A lot of attention for clear presentation, both in presentation tools and in explanation. Planning and meeting deadlines also agree." - Anne-Roos de Bloois (Municipality of Enschede)

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