About NNTS

In June 2015 a company was founded where academic students are able to work on challenging projects in their own fields of expertise. At competitive rates, companies can lay down their technical challenges, while getting in touch with potential future employees. Founder Jurre Kuijper wants to distinguish himself with an emphasis on sustainable development, clear communication and above all, useful and practical solutions. This led to the company name:

No Nonsense Technical Solutions

By working with students from different fields of interest, NNTS is able to assemble a suitable team for every project. To guarantee the quality of each project, professors from the university can be addressed to ensure proper knowledge is available. For academic students, NNTS is the ideal opportunity to make use of their acquired knowledge, find solutions and get inspired.


To bridge the gap between businesses, academic students and universities, by having multidisciplinary teams of students work for businesses.


An organisation where companies can get fast and effective access to academic knowledge for useful and practical results.



Owner Jurre Kuijper

Jurre Kuijper is the founder of NNTS and studies for his Master's degree in Thermal Engineering at the University of Twente, after graduating for his bachelor in Civil Engineering at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN). His role is mainly to manage projects and maintain the contact with the university, businesses and government organisations.

Jurre greatly values quality, trustworthiness and dedication, No Nonsense in short. Because client satisfaction is of great importance to him and his company, Jurre has developed working methods that allow students to monitor the quality of their own and each other's tasks. Moreover, specialists from institutes like the University of Twente enable NNTS to guarantee a high quality standard.

Finances Janine Bors

Janine Bors is responsible for the financial administration of NNTS; from debtor and creditor management to the processing of reimbursements and accounting. Janine is also involved in organisational affairs of the management of NNTS. Janine is curious, critical and precise and this fits her responsibilities for NNTS.

Next to her work at NNTS, Janine is following the master Technical Medicin at the University of Twente.

HR Thomas Thuijsman

Thomas Thuijsman is responsible for the HR department. He deals with affairs concerning the employees of NNTS. This covers aspects such as recruitment & selection and training employees internally in their current position or to another position. Besides, Thomas is involved in organisational affairs of the management of NNTS. Thomas has an open and social character and that fits his responsibilities for NNTS.

Next to his work at NNTS, Thomas is following the master International Business Administration at the University of Twente.