Our students

Our students

Our students are obviously the driving force behind NNTS and we greatly value quality, reliability and commitment. The students mostly work in multidisciplinary teams and thereby strengthen eachother's qualities, both in general skills as specific knowledge, as we are always looking for the best combinations of purely academic students and students with a background in practical education or working experience. Their enthusiasm and commitment enables NNTS to meet any challenge.

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The University of Twente is located in Enschede. It is a research university that focuses on technical developments and the impact of these developments on humans and society, ‘High tech human touch’ is the slogan of this university. Sustainability, energy, health and safety are relevant cases and important issues for education and research at the University of Twente. Furthermore, entrepreneurship is encouraged.

The TU Delft is located in the west of the Netherlands and this university has its focus on technical solutions that have a significant impact on a sustainable society and a growing economy. Core values of this university are respect, integrity, expertise, involvement, transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest.

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Eindhoven University of Technology is a research university and specialized in engineering science & technology. Students of this university are working on solutions for societal issues, innovations in collaboration with businesses and ‘science for science’: the development of technical sciences.