Residual heat from wastewater of hotels

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Research and advice
Sept - Nov 2015

Jurre Kuijper
Nathan Baak
Daan Kok
Bjorn Smit
Jeroen Stoffers


This feasibility study was aimed at using residual heat from hotels that is normally lost to the sewer. A lot of heat is wasted in hotels where hot water used by sanitation and kitchen appliances is flushed away at high temperatures.

The first phase consisted of researching different alternatives for which different setups were modeled regarding the heat pumps. Also, a short research was performed on pollution of heat exchangers and its effect on heat recovery.

In consultation with the client, one preferred alternative was chosen and is further developed and analysed. In order to give the client an idea of the possibilities, a financial feasibility study including cost-benefit analysis for different sizes of hotels and different usage profiles has been performed.

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