Research and consultancy

Research and consultancy

About to make an important decision, but you lack the right information? Or about to start a big investment and there are still some uncertainties that need to be clarified? NNTS will organise your information, analyse your processes and give well-considered advice about the required steps to take. This can be done by for example developing a business case or by performing a feasibility study. Theoretical and experimental research are also among the possibilities.

Theoretical research

A lot of products look great on paper but are never going to work in practice. It can also be the exact opposite: you have a great idea but no idea how it will work and how well it performs. Theoretical research can answer questions that cannot be tested in practice just yet.

By performing a dimensional analysis it can be determined what (environmental) factors influence your products and to what extent. With proper theoretical research, you can save money by defining the behaviour of your system, knowing what to expect beforehand and by starting to optimize right away.


When testing, nothing could be more important than getting your measurements right. It includes the testing environment, test conditions and installation setup and requires proper knowledge of the process in order to successfully obtain your data.

Our students will determine the required accuracy and select the appropriate components, sensors and electronics. The results are carefully monitored and discussed in a test report. These results will ensure and give insight to proper functionality of your products.

Market research

The market is flooded with a wide range of product choices, which can lead to the questions what components to choose for your product and how your product will fit into the market? A market research can give answers to both of these questions.

NNTS can objectively analyse the various choices and select suitable components to your demands. On the other hand, we can state the demands of your product if you want to be competitive on the market. Because we have an objective point of view we are able to objectively consider your options or required specifications, such that you end up with the best products possible.

Feasibility studies

A feasibility study estimates the potential market share for your product, compared with the expected development and production costs. With a feasibility study you will be able to make an informed and financially sound choice substantiated by compact formulated conclusions.

A study like this begins with the identification of the market and assessing the competition. The conditions for a successful implementation of the product will be determined by for example geographical influences, availability of raw materials and other environmental factors. If you are not sure about the exact costs of your product, we can consult with you and your suppliers to make a substantiated estimation.

Business case

Well begun is half done, that is why you need a business case when trying to market a new product. A business case shines a light upon multiple aspects of marketing a product such as your target audience, business model and costs and benefits. 

Through technical know-how of the product and knowledge about the commercialization of products, NNTS makes sure you are well prepared before entering the market. With knowledge about the financial capabilities of your product and characteristics of your audience, you will be able to market your product well-directed to your customers.