Students Enschede

On this page you can find our account managers, project managers and students in their field of expertise.

Account managers


Daniël van den Heuvel

Civil Engineering

Adventurous, ambitious and communicative

Wilco Mensink

International Business Administration

Adventurous, initiator and tenacious

Project managers


Alexander Dijkshoorn

Systems and control

Versatile, accurate and analytical

Jelle Slief

Advanced Technology

Versatile, driven and solution-oriented

Bryan Kortman

Applied Physics

Persistent, curious and enthusiastic

Christian Spijkerboer

Business Information Technology

Enthusiastic, critical and team player

Jens Miedema

Construction Management & Engineering

Ambitious, result-oriented and team player

Herman van de Beek

Management of Product Development

Ambitious, broadly oriented and team player

Nathan Baak

Sustainable Energy Technology

Critical, creative and result-oriented

Robin Haandrikman

Industrial Engineering Management

Ambitious, critical and broadly oriented

Ruben Klomp

Mechanical Engineering

Curious, careful and motivated

Simone ten Have

Transport Engineering

Structured, assertive and result-oriented

Wilco Mensink

International Business Administration

Adventurous, initiator and tenacious

Students Mechanical Engineering


Anne Hofman

Thermal and Fluid Engineering

Analytical, eager to learn and result-oriented

Auke Hol

Mechanical Engineering

Focused, tenacious and broad-minded

Rik Gerritsen

Applied Mechanics

Communicative, solution-oriented and eager to learn

Bjorn Smit

Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems

Accurate, factual and analytical

Deick Andree

Design and Construction

Team player, creative and critical

Frank Spierings

Mechanical Engineering

Independent,ambitious and creative

Saskia Ebing

Fluid Engineering

Analytical, enthusiastic and inventive

Tom van der Vegte

Mechanical Engineering

Tenacious, eager to learn and practical

Niels Bergsma

Mechanical Engineering

Collaborative, solution-oriented and creative

Peter Knoben

Mechanical Engineering

Creative, enthusiastic and hard working

Richard Roos

Thermal Engineering

Enthusiastic, curious and eager to learn

Rick Bolte

Design and Construction

Creative, motivated and flexible

Hans van der Broek

Mechanical Engineering

Critical, creative and independent

Students Advanced Technology


Robert Roos

Advanced Technology

Troubleshooter, methodical and accurate

Students Biomedical Engineering


Jelle ten Brinke

Advanced Technology

Accurate, result-oriented and team player

Students Chemical Engineering


Tomas Kreuger

Chemical Process Engineering

Enthusiastic, efficient and solution-oriented

Rutger Aarden

Chemical and Process Engineering

Enthusiastic, critical and inventive

Students Civil Engineering


Kai Hermann

River and Coastal Engineering

Purposeful, diligent and eager to learn

Students Computer Science


Thijs van Ede

Cyber Security

Safety, efficient and careful

Jeroen Klein Brinke

Wireless and Sensor Systems

Ambitious, purposeful and eager to learn

Students Electrical Engineering


Arnold Hofstede

Robotics and Mechatronics

Accurate, responsible and efficient

Peter Witkamp

Electrical Engineering

Enthusiastic, efficient and thinking-out-of-the-box

Idzard Hoekstra

Embedded Systems

Curious, pragmatic and versatile

Johan Oedzes

Electrical Engineering

Solution-oriented, curious and cooperative

Marius Groen

Electrical Power Engineering

Open, communicative and precise

Jeroen van Dorp

Robotics & Mechatronics

Versatile, critical and solution oriented

Students Industrial Design Engineering


Gerwin Huurnink

Industrial Design Engineering

Creative, artistic and enthusiastic

Floor van Langen

Industrial Design Engineering

Enthusiastic, Innovative, Go-getter

Michelle Bakker

Industrial Design Engineering

Enthusiastic, eager to learn and creative

Sjors Zuidema

Industrial Design Engineering

Creative, practical and result-oriented

Koen Mulder

Industrial Design Engineering

Open-minded, creative and enthusiastic

Irma Coster

Industrial Design Engineering

Social, organized and creative

Students Industrial Engineering and Management


Ilse Schepers

Industrial Engineering and Management

Efficient, initiator and tenacious

Students Technical Medicine


Eva Kleinveld

Technical Medicine

Enthusiastic, eager to learn and solution-oriented

Jill Hanegraaf

Technical Medicine

Energetic, adventurous and ambitious