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NNTS can assist in doing engineering projects by selecting the right students for the engineering process. We specifically mix purely academic students with students who have a more practical background, such that we can handle the entire design process from raw sketch to production process and from small-scale structural mechanics to high-tech electronics, ensuring a professional result.

Mechanical design and construction

Mechanical engineering can be applied to many things, from a simple ice scoop to a fully automatic sorting machine. Mechanical engineering focuses on efficient, practical and feasible solutions where your ideas are converted to tangible products. Because we use SolidWorks Professional, a 3D CAD programme, products come to life even before they are produced.

We will assess how your ideas can be turned into a fully developed product as efficiently as possible. For this process we use mechanical engineers for functionality, industrial designers for aesthetics and electrical engineers for process control. If the design calls for other experts, we involve them as well. We inform you during every step of the process so that you will always be satisfied with the results.

Electronics design

Electronics are indispensable in our modern society and the development of electronics is moving at an incredibly high pace. NNTS can help you keep up with these developments by designing both software and hardware. The design process is always done by a team of students from different disciplines, designing for functionality, ease of use and appearance.

When developing software, we use model based programming. This means that we validate all written programmes before implementing them into a system. Our programmers can programme in virtually every language, from C++ to Java, Python and Ansi C.

The development of hardware is not simply assembling components. It is a delicate process in which all connections need to be assessed, checked and double checked. We use Eagle to draw our schematics and circuit board designs, to ensure proper functionality of our designs.

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