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On Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th of November 2016, KIC InnoEnergy hosted the Business Booster in Barcelona. After last year’s success, NNTS could not wait to be part of this event again this year.

The Business Booster

As the energy market is evolving rapidly, this international event is hosted yearly to connect startups in the sustainable energy sector to large industrial players and potential investment partners in order to boost these starting companies in a fast growing market. KIC InnoEnergy is a European organization that supports these startup companies with organizational or juridical advice and first investment costs, in exchange for a minority share.

With the presence of large firms such as Engie, Veolia or Schneider Electric startup companies have the opportunity to present their ideas and technology to potential technical or financial partners, while the large companies inspire by sharing their knowledge and get inspired by new ideas. Their extensive network can enable the development of the startup companies and their products to be a full player on the market.With the increasing influence of sustainable energy technologies on grid stability, Stedin attended the event being one of the main distribution network operators. It will be their responsibility to maintain a stable network with an increasing share of decentralized sustainable energy sources such as PV or wind energy. Where to start better than with the people who are motivated to change the future of energy and electronics.

Inspiring speakers: Giga Factories by Tesla

One of the main speakers was Peter Carlsson, former Vice-President Supply Chain at Tesla and working directly under Elon Musk. With the increasing demand of energy and alternative energy sources, the demand for affordable high-performance electrical power storage -batteries- is growing significantly. To meet this demand, Tesla is working on the construction of a Giga Factory.
These are gigantic factories where products are completely built up from their most basic materials in order to remove the various intermediaries that will slow down the process and increase the costs. By reducing the costs of batteries, sustainable electrical devices such as electrical cars and smart grid systems will be accessible to all.

Our experience

It has been an inspiring event full of interesting new people and businesses. Following from last year’s event, NNTS has had the privilege of working with the two KIC InnoEnergy startups Dohauw and Cereus Technology. Having spoken to many startup companies, we hope to be able to help develop many more interesting companies the coming year, as we too aspire for a more sustainable future. We would also like to compliment our host for this interesting event!
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