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Tuesday the 15th of November the annual ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) was held at the Prodent factory in Amersfoort. ISPT connects stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to further develop the process technology in the Netherlands. NNTS was present at this event and made active contributions to the workshops.

Energy transition in process technology

During the opening of the event, several speakers shared their vision on the role of process technology regarding energy transition. Among them were Marjan Minnesma from Urgenda who talked about the necessity of energy transition and Reggy van der Wielen from Friesland Campina, who talked about the influence of process technology on energy transition with an emphasis on the efficient use of energy and materials.
ArcelorMittal, one of the biggest steel producers in the world, spoke about the daily steel usage in the current economy. While a lot of progress has been made in the steel industry the past few years, a lot is yet to be done. For example, recycling the released CO2 to usable chemicals such as ethanol.

What can NNTS do for process technology?

It is important that companies operate as efficiently as possible. Consider minimizing waste flows, reuse of heat and materials and efficient energy exchange between processes. NNTS forms the link between small businesses and universities. Therefore, NNTS addresses technical challenges from companies to make them more operate in a more efficient manner. We assemble a team of master students from the relevant studies to handle the challenges. When necessary, we hire advice from one of the departments from the universities. We strive to meet the challenges in a scientific way and immediately translate this to a practical solution.The ISPT has a strong network in which different parties can work together in the most efficient way possible. NNTS can be a good addition to this network by making challenges concrete and solutions tangible.

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