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March – June 2017

Project manager

Tomas Kreuger

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in sensor technology. It is an industry that is developing enormously. Sensor systems become smaller, faster and more accurate and they are used in an increasing variety of products. They can for example be used in autonomic devices such as machines, tools and consumer products and for the recording of human movements.

The start-up JimFIT has developed a wireless, portable and mobile sensor system that can measure movements. The entire system includes a sensor system and an app. With support of the app data can be translated into relevant information for the user. Furthermore, the app will also give feedback to the user. The sensor system of JimFIT can be used in the sport sector and focuses on the consumer market.

NNTS is developing a prototype that is ready for mass production. The hardware and back-end software will also be developed.

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