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Product information


Grimme Solar Systems


July 2018- ?

Project leader

Wouter Sieverink

At this moment many developments are happening in the domain of solar energy. Many consumers are however dissatisfied with the design of solar panels and for the installation optimalization is needed.  The Grimme Solar System (GSS) offers a new solution for several existing issues with solar panels. For this project, NNTS will develop the first working prototype of this ambitious system. 

The Grimme Solar System will use solar panels that can be formed in such a way that they exactly fit in the shape of the rooftile, effectively creating a so called solar roof tile. This solar roof tile is much less noticeable than a regular solar panel and better fits the shape of the roof. In the tile laths beneath the roof tiles are copper strips that replace the cables that are normally used, which means only a single cable is needed for the whole system. Besides this, the GSS is put together in a modular way. While most solar systems use a combination of parallel-and-serie-connections, GSS only uses parallel connections to ensure maximum modularity. This means that while normally the malfunction of a single roof tile leads to the whole serie (string) not delivering any power, with the GSS only the single roof tile stops delivering power: the other rooftiles keep delivering power.

NNTS has been asked to develop a working prototype.

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