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Project information


Tauw, InnBlue


May – July 2016


Dr. Ir. Wessel W. Wits, Universiteit Twente

Project manager

Nathan Baak

Everything needs to be more sustainable and energy efficient, including wastewater collection in rural areas. The new so called “Druk Vacuüm Compact (DVC) systeem”, or freely translated Compact Pressure Vacuum system, uses a vacuum tank to collect wastewater from a pressurized wastewater system. Eliminating the need for pumps in every manhole, this system reduces energy consumption and costs. One of the challenges in developing a system like this is designing a reliable mechanical valve that is able to work under the circumstances found in sewers.

NNTS was involved in this project for the development and validation of prototypes of the mechanical valve. To be able to test these, a test installation was built and multiple prototype designs were produced and tested by NNTS. The project yielded two validated prototypes and a number of recommendations for further development. These results are taken into account when deciding whether further research is warranted for the DVC system as a cost effective replacement for the pressure sewer.

“NNTS delivered a result where we can go on with" Paul Telkamp, Tauw
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