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No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. collects data on and via our website. We have made this privacy statement because we value data protection and your privacy highly. Here we will describe what we do with your data.

Collection of data

Personal data about you may be collected during your website to this website. This could be via a direct or an indirect request. The personal data will be exclusively used for the purposes described in this privacy statement. In all cases, the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are met.

No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. uses the personal data to provide the following services:

Analyze click behavior and website visits

No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. collects and analyzes information about the use of this website, including the age of the website finder, the domain name, the way the website visitor landed on the website, the number of hits, the pages visited, previous and subsequent websites visited and the duration of the user session. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website and to see how many people are aware of us.

Dealing with the application procedure

To apply, you need to send in a Curriculum vitae (CV) and motivation letter. You can also be asked for a document to determine what your working method is. This can be, for example, a (group) assignment from your study. Preferably this assignment is submitted anonymously so that the assignment cannot be traced back to a group member or a teacher. If this is not the case, we will assess the assignment anonymously and then immediately delete the assignment. If this is provided anonymously, the same rules apply as for your CV and motivation letter.

In order to process the application, contact details are also required. For this reason, we collect your telephone number and email address in order to be able to communicate with you about the application procedure.

No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. will keep your CV, motivation letter, (group) assignment and contact details for a maximum of 1 year after completing the application procedure. Certain personal data will be kept anonymous for an indefinite period of time, as follows: the study program, the study phase and the year of birth.


Data about click behavior can be collected with the help of a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that our webpage server puts on your hard drive. You can allow or prevent the use of cookies, if desired, by changing the settings of your browser. A cookie makes the use of this internet site faster and easier.


We place photos and videos on our website in which (former) employees can be seen. Are you on a photo or video and do not want it on our website? Please contact us via, we remove the relevant images as soon as possible.

Third parties will not use your data

No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. will never make your information available to third parties. Also your data will not be sold. No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. is sometimes required by law to provide personal information. If that happens, we will of course also comply with this legal obligation and the requirements as laid down in the GDPR.


No Nonsense Technical Solutions B.V. reserves the right, where necessary, to make changes to the privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly. However, the changes will never be contrary to the requirements as set in the GDPR.

Internetsites of third parties

This privacy statement does not apply to internetsites of third parties that are connected to this internetsite by means of links.

Showing ads

Based on your visit to this website, we can show you an advertisement about vacancies or projects at a later time.


If you have any specific questions or comments about our privacy policy as a result of this information, you can contact us via

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